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The company that hosts this website has discontinued support for the shopping cart software that I use. My web guy and I are working as quickly as possible to get new software in place but it might require a whole new host and take a week or more.

In the mean time, if you would like to post an order, please send an e-mail to my direct address, with the items and shipping address, and I can take the order directly. Please DO NOT send credit card information by e-mail, we can work out the payment separately.

I apologize for the inconvenience,

- Jack Hagerty

This site caters to two widely separated interests. Those with an interest in the Alfa Romeo automobile, particularly back issues of the Alfa Romeo Association (which, by the way, is what "ARA" stands for) magazine Overheard Cams; and those looking for historical and scale data on spaceships, real and fictional.

With that rather tortured introduction out of the way, feel free to dive in and look around. If you have comments or questions on the products offered here, please contact . E-mail regarding the site itself should be addressed to the webmaster, .


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