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Overheard Cams Magazine


The Overheard Cams (and, please note, that is not a typo, it really is the "Overheard Cams") is the official journal of the Alfa Romeo Association of California. It is one of the oldest continuously published club magazines in the country, which is all the more amazing when you consider it is produced by an all-volunteer, constantly evolving staff.

Like all club publications, its origins are a bit vague. ARA was founded in 1958, and for the first few years a phone tree kept the small membership informed of all the events. By the early '60s, though, increasing membership made this awkward, so member Haig Ajamian took it upon himself to start mailing out announcements to everyone. During 1963 and 1964 he sent out event fliers, some of which had "NEWSLETTER!!!" emblazoned on the top, but were undated and inconsistent. By 1965, the need for a regular publication was finally recognized, and the first dated newsletter came out in February 1965.

Haig continued as editor for three more years, a record for editor tenure that stood for three decades. The publication continued to be called simply "Newsletter" until 1969 when editor Dave Burns held a contest to name it. The winner was "Overheard Cams," suggested by Larry Rhodes. The first true Overheard Cams was published in August 1969.

The ’Cams continued to be a newsletter (i.e. folded in the center before mailing) until 1987 when editor Kitty Kvinge, a professional graphics designer, redesigned it as a magazine with a slick cover. The current editor, George Graves, is the one that finally eclipsed Haig Ajamian’s tenure as editor. He is currently at seven years (and counting). To give you some idea of the magnitude of his achievement, Haig was putting out a one or two page newsletter, while George is assembling a 20 page magazine every month!

The ‘Cams today is an enviable standout among club publications, a tribute to the dozens of editors and support staff who have worked on it the past five decades.

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