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Rockets of the World

Space boosters and sounding rockets from around the world

by Peter Alway


Rockets of the World

Over 200 versions of 137 rockets from 14 nations

384 pages

8 1/2" x 11", w/ durable Smyth-sewn hardcover binding

Color cover w/ B&W illustrations

Hundreds of photos, drawings and tables

ISBN 978-0-615-22317-9

Price: $35 plus shipping

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Rockets of the World: Fourth Edition (revised in 2008) is a reference book on historical and current rockets and missiles. While written with the modeler in mind, non-modeling space enthusiasts will enjoy its unique mix of detailed illustrations and historical and technical information not found in other books. It gives you the detailed technical information you need to model rockets from around the globe.

Fascinating historical summaries have earned the praise of modelers and armchair astronauts around the world. It's the favorite reference for documenting Scale and Sport Scale models in National Association of Rocketry competition.


Section 1 - Rockets of Germany:

Section 2 - Rockets of Ex-USSR:

Section 3 - Rockets of United States:

Section 4 - Rockets of France:

Section 5 - Rockets of Japan:

Section 6 - Rockets of China:

Section 7 - Rockets of United Kingdom:

Section 8 - Rockets of India:

Section 9 - Rockets of Argentina:

Section 10 - Rockets of Australia:

Section 11 - Rockets of Brazil:

Section 12 - Rockets of Canada:

Section 13 - Rockets of Poland:

Section 14 - Rockets of Spain:

Section 15 - Rockets of Europe:

Section 16 - Bibliography

Section 17 - Mail-order sources of drawings and photographs