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The Saucer Fleet

Biographies of all your favorite saucer productions

by Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers


The Saucer Fleet

Over 200 versions of 137 rockets from 14 nations

328 pages on 60# coated stock

8 1/2" x 11", w/durable Smyth-sewn hardcover binding

Hundreds of color and B&W illustrations

Detailed data drawings showing interiors and exteriors

ISBN 978-1-894959-70-4

No Longer Available from ARA Press. Used copies can be found at


Six years in production, this gorgeous 328 page, full color, hardcover volume contains biographies of all your favorite saucer productions. But don't take our word for it, read the reviews being posted in the Film, Science Fiction and Modeling communities.

You can hear the authors talking about the book on The Space Show in March 2009 and on The Dr. Sky Show in January 2010.

And to show that we're human, there's an Errata file which you can download to bring your copy up to date (check back occasionally to see what new gaffes have been found).

Finally, for the truly curious and/or masochistic, here is an Author's Diary on the writing of the book. Warning to aspiring authors out there, some parts aren't pretty!

Entries from this book have been used for documenting "Concept Scale" models in National Association of Rocketry competition.


Chapter 1
The Coming of the Fleet, an introduction to the whole post-war flying saucer phenomenon.
Chapter 2
The Day the Earth Stood Still, "Klaatu, Barata, Nikto!" Serious political messages and hidden allegories. A truly great film in any genre.
Chapter 3
Twin Earths, an examination of the sci-fi adventure strip that was inspired by the musings of Pythagoras and ran for eight years.
Chapter 4
War of the Worlds, the real one, from 1953 (although the others are mentioned in the end).
Chapter 5
This Island Earth, a highly acclaimed film that has somehow escaped the Hollywood remake machine…or has it been remade as the biggest Sci-Fi film franchise in history?
Chapter 6
Forbidden Planet, the greatest Sci-Fi film of all time…or maybe not, depending on who you ask. And is it really based on The Tempest?
Chapter 7
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, a low budget wonder that set the popular standard for what a "real" flying saucer looks like.
Chapter 8
Disneyland Flying Saucer Ride. Saucers you could ride in. Really!
Chapter 9
Lost in Space. If not for Star Trek, this would be the best remembered Sci-Fi show of the '60s. Its fan base exceeds Trekkers in fervor, if not size.
Chapter 10
The INVADERS. This Quinn Martin series was considered an "also-ran" when it originally aired, but has since come to be seen as the quality Sci-Fi / social satire it is.

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